All About Me

This is a website full of a collection of works done by Michele Bryant.
This site is full of various Art work.
Everything from Print to Pottery, Crochet to Crayons and everything in between.
I hope you enjoy.
This has been part of my life in one place instead of all over.
Here below is an example of some of the projects that I had started.

Epitome Shoes are a collection of limited edition shoes handmade in LaMarche, Italy.
The Oldest best shoe handmade district in the world since 1901.
These shoes are 100% Handcrafted in Italy every pair is custom made by hand.
Every shoe features a pristine quality leather and suede sourced and processed in Italy.
Each pair of shoes come with a collection box a with a magnetic clip covered with
fine glossed paper and fully customized.

This world is full of Artist, Designers and Creative people who have projects or started a project never finished or finished and had it tucked away some were.

Some have made money, projects have been gifted to others or just for personal use. We all have a since of creativity and those who put things to the side are reinventing themselves through this phase that we are in.
I have seen a lot of people come out with different ways to create,specially with the masks that were made. Myself included have done a lot in the pass couple of weeks.

My website has Art Projects and Designs, Blogs,Tips, Music etc.
I created this page not just to sell my projects but to give you a little bit of who I am.
I believe that everyone has some type of talent.

Sometimes I look outside or pick up and object an idea pops in my head I either draw or
write it down on paper a lot of times it is stored in a book or box sometimes I will start
and not finish. Unless someone looks at it or I show, my work is kept in a box.

Chelly Bears  was founded on May 25, 2018. I have been doing crafts,sewing and making blankets for along time now.
One day I was cleaning and I came across this pattern shaped like a bear.
I'm not going to do anything with this, I will send it to my niece. She is beginning to sew and
though it would be a great project for her and then girl scouts to make. So I decided to make one bear
send to her so she could know what it look like.Then send it too her. It sat on the dresser for awhile until
my boyfriend came pass the room and said," That is a cute bear were did you buy it." I kinda laughed
an said, I made it.
Just as a tester i made a few of them,emailed my dad who owns a store and he was
excited and now I sell them out the store. The first one's were tester bears, a lady came in crying
because one looked a little handicap I put a sock on her and called her crutch. She wanted to buy the bear because her daughter was handicap she though it would be a great gift.
Most of my family has one,my has one sitting in her house, I also started making dresses for some of them.
Everyone loves them and they are special with their own name and personality.
I put my heart and soul into Chelly Bears, I trace,cut,decorate and each bear myself.
A few of them others named for me.
I love doing these bears. Soon I will be posting a digital kit if you want to make your own bear.

I have done some shows and Festivals I have full-time job now, like everyone else working
a nine to five job, make it hard some times to create or to stay focus work and do your craft.
Since we are all in the house it has given some of us the chance to sit down be still and focus..
I have cleaned out some of my things found a lot of Art work and projects that I have just sitting in a box or container. So since we are off I decided to post them in one site.

Also below this page there is list of services that family and friends. Check them out I love helping other businesses so If you want me to post something let me know.
Send a email
I hope you like and share my website, if you do send me an email and leave a comment.
All About Me