Anti-Bias and Racial Divide

1 min read
14 Aug

Race is a hard topic to talking about because of making people upset and angry, this world has been around for along time and we still have a problem with hate and racial issues.

This world is full of many colors ,shapes and forms and we still have a problem. I'm glad I don't  look like anybody else. Our Diversity makes us unique and special. 

Race I feel it is a learned thing from home or school sometimes. I feel children are born in the world not seeing shades of color or race. 

Then when you get deeper one race starts to feel  like their race is more important than another race.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic it seems like the children  are a lot different they seemed to be affected more  because they see it more around them and on cable. 

Now it is harder on children when most of them are anti-bias and they do not need to be worried about race and hate. We all have to take a look at our selves and realize that we all have a little of something in us that we are not proud of we don't let that extend to the point it hurting someone else.