ARE YOU Bored Yet!

1 min read
20 Apr

As we are going thru are second month of staying at home which majority of us are doing. While the others are doing what ever they feel. Because they want to get out.Hell!!!!!!!! we all want to GET OUT!!!  I think some people are taking this the wrong way, being trapped in the house with there love ones.  There is plenty to do if you plan. Let me show you:

1 First getting know your family all over again. 

2 Movie night with who ever you are locked in with.

3 Talk to your kids

4 Cook the meals from all those recipe books and papers you have collected. 

5.Try on your clothes to if they fit or not. Purge them give them away or upcycle youtube has a bunch of those.

6.Watch all those movies you missed  and TV shows.

7. Clean emails you have time,

8. Clean kitchen, refrigerator and stove pull them out you would be surprised what you will find behind              there.

9. Clean cabinets and walls if you have not done so. Paint house or rooms

10.Clean kids room 

11 purge old papers

12 The list goes on if you think about it

13 Plan what you are going to do when this is over, you are going to find something that you wished you          did when you were off work.