Mother Nature is fighting back! As a beast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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05 Aug

The Spirit or alter being that you believe in has been telling all of us that to take care of ourselves and this planet. For years we have seen the destruction of cities and towns that still have not recovered till this day. 

Every year we have two days they call Earth Day and Arbor Day.  When I was little I was told when you cut down a tree you are supposed to replace it with another tree.

Every religious book and story and even movies they tell what is going on We are fighting over  stuff that we should not being fighting.We all should be getting along  We need to prepare for the bigger picture of what is about to happen. I feel it is going to get worse.

I hear a lot of talk in the news,online and event the nature shows about the planet and Magnetic Fields ,New World,planet levels, Sun, Trees, Water, Ice. Even the effects of the Coronavirus.

There is a lot of stuff going around if your read it will make you crazy,  now that I am older and when were in school and they had all these classes that we had to take however many years you studied. We sat in class I think at one point in time every has said, why I am I taking this class. It doesn't relate to me, I am not gonna use it in my life time, The sad thing is we are using it wither we new it or not.

When I was growing my Mom used to tell us If you want information to research and read to understand what it is and to keeping reading to figure it out if not go to another resource.

Now Everyone is trying to figure out why this is happening, people and organizations have being warning everyone for years. Even in school they talk about global warming,recycling and saving the planet. Global Warming, Air Pollution, Forest Fires, Water Pollution, the list goes on and on. 

I feel we are a little to late.  We need to wake up.