Luisa:Talent manager

"Staff Pick Award " Team Design Feed Back Great Branding on the unisex sport design as well a remarkable contemporary sock runner. Lovin the color combo with the denim leather Sapient use of the leather materials. "Loving it " Amazing work!

alive shoes


"The shoes are superb! Very well crafted,including the box design. I am very impressed and pleased.

epitome shoes

Donna Madronal:Customer

"The shoes are so well made, and the leather is very soft. You can see and feel the quality,"

Epitome shoes

Luisa:Talent Manager

Great Branding on the shoe this women fashion design as well as well. A Remarkable hearts slip on. Loving the color comco with the line and leather and gum leather sapient use of leather materials. "Lovin It!" Amazing Work!

epitome shoes

Alive Shoes:Staff

Staff pick Award Team Design Feed Back! Great Branding on the unisex sport design,as well a contemporary sock runner. Loving the denim leather sapient use of the leather materials.

epitome shoes


What a great version of contemporary sock runner! and i love the denim leather combination. Very Cool!

epitome shoes


Love the Shoes Cute Shoes

epitome shoes